What am I doing here?

I want to make games. That’s the dream. I’m still learning those skills, but I am constantly thinking about games, mechanics, business practices in the industry, what part the consumer and the developers play, etc. I’m always talking the ears off of my family and friends, so I thought that I’d write some of them down here.

A little history about me. I have been playing games since I was a child. They are the perfect intersection of active entertainment, storytelling, and art. I didn’t own a console until I was 16, but I had been playing on an old PC for years before that. At the time I especially loved real time strategy games. Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Warcraft 3, and Starcraft were, by far, my most played games, with Civilization III not too far behind. Any time I would go to a friend’s house, I would love to play split screen games like Star Wars Battlefront, Modern Warfare 2, and Halo 3.

I now own both a PS4 and a gaming PC. I use both more or less equally. My genre preferences are fairly wide. I enjoy shooters, puzzle games, real time strategy games, the occasional RPG. The only genres I have never really enjoyed are fighting, racing, and sports games. Currently, my favorite games include, Civilization V, Bloodborne, XCOM, Overwatch, and The Last of Us.

I like to think that I think logically and can look at things objectively, though I’m sure there are plenty of times where I am not. I love to critique the media I love most and I try to think about games from more perspectives than just as a gamer. This is a place where I will be sharing my thoughts, complaints,  and love of games.

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